Ball Valves

"SKILT" manufactures the most complete line of quality ball valves, and can provide the exact ball valves and actuators to meet the most demanding application requirements. Our Ball Valves are available in an extensive range of designs, materials, sizes and pressure classes and are in full conformance with ANSI, API and NACE specifications. All ball valves are designed in accordance with ASME B16.34 and API 608 and where applicable with API 6D or BS EN ISO 17292.

SKILT uses only high-quality materials inspected & tested to International Standards and utilizes advanced manufacturing technology with special emphasis on safety, quality, and long service life of our products, to ensure that our clients receive the “best in class” products available from us at a competitive price and delivered on time every time.

Every valve is subjected on routine base to different non-destructive testing, like the dye penetrant test on butt weld ends, on all hard faced and cladding areas. Non-destructive test are also carried out on the critical areas as defined by ASME B16.34. Optional examinations like: Radiographic Magnetic particles, Ultrasonic Helium leak test Personnel performing NDT are trained and qualified to EN 473/ ASNT-SNT-TC-1A. Every valve is subject to a pressure test in accordance with the standard API 598 or BS 6755 Part.1. The rated pressure for the applicable pressure class is in accordance with ASME B16.34 and EN12516-1/-2.

Special consideration was devoted to the attainment of enhanced life and operation of our valves throughout design, development, testing and manufacturing stages. Valve designs combined with the selection of advanced materials are such that long periods of inactivity should not affect the operation.

The Company warrantees all its products, from material and/or manufacturing defects, to be used as recommended by standards, and in accordance with approved piping practice and technique, for a period of one year from shipping date, unless otherwise agreed. The Company liability covers eventual “free of charge” replacements for defective parts or products, providing it has not failed in the observance of above mentioned conditions and in use in compliance with standards, and, anyway, after return of defective goods. Any other liability, neither objective nor subjective will be accepted.