Y-Type Strainers

Y-Type Strainers are a very important component in Chemical and petrochemical installations. The strainer precedes a valve or any controlling and safety device in all pipe lines, to restrict unwanted foreign particles from entering inside the device and thus safeguarding it from damage and increasing its efficiency.

‘Skilt’ brand strainers are available in cast carbon steel ASTM A216, Gr. CF 8/8M, and forged Carbon Steel ASTM- A105. These are provided with S.S. 304/ S.S. 316 screens of perforated sheets with 40 to 200 micron mesh. Each strainer is provided with a Blowdown (drain) plug with a standard BSP connection for cleaning the screens in line.

Size : 1/2” to 8” (NB 15mm to 200mm)

Pressure Rating : 150# to 600#

Materials : WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M

Pressure / Temperature Rating : ANSI B 16.34

Test(inspection) Standard : API 598

End Connection : Flanged, socket weld, screwed ends, butt weld ends